Metal Detecting is a fun and enjoyable  hobby for any age that helps to bring history to life by finding items lost or buried in the past.


It is also a resource for Law Enforcement to aid searching such as a crime scene for items constructed from metal.

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David Rees started his interest in the hobby of metal detecting in the late 1970's, and a few years later became the Chairman of a large club in Somerset. That early interest has continued with involvement in other clubs, and he is presently the chairman of a leading Wiltshire based club, and Chairman of the Western Region of the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD). When possible he attends council meetings representing the region. He is also a member of the Wiltshire Police Rural Crime Partnership helping to detect and prevent rural and Heritage Crime. METAL DETECTING for LAW ENFORCEMENT is a new course created in 2020 to assist Police Forces. Further in formation can be provided on request. 







The NCMD are a member organisation promoting responsible metal detecting and oversee the hobby in the UK, dealing with legislation and all matters relating to the hobby, enabling it to continue and be enjoyed by members.  

Over the years due to the many well publicised finds made using detectors, children, men and women of all ages have become interested in pursuing the hobby, but there is a right and wrong way to do things.

In 2015 David created a course 'Metal Detecting: Discover history beneath your feet' and through the support of C Scope this has now been delivered annually at a leading college in Wiltshire for past years. It has been enjoyed by people who are from all walks of life and profession, not only within the UK but countries including Spain: Hungary: China: Germany: France. It has also be delivered to youth groups such as cubs and guides. 

The hobby is not all about what you find, and certainly not 'treasure hunting' as far as David is concerned. It is about meeting like minded people: being out enjoying the countryside: exercise, and if you are lucky walking over and finding a metal item (whilst using technology) lost by someone in the past that may provide a small contribution to the history of a particular area.

The course Metal Detecting: Discover history beneath your feet can be undertaken by a group of people over a one or two day period. The one day course is aimed at Schools and Colleges, and the main difference is the time available for metal detecting.

The course is recognised by the NCMD, and supported by C Scope International. Metal detectors are provided and other equipment necessary to learn how to become a responsible metal detectorist, and part of a an enjoyable hobby.


Undertaking this course you will learn:-

  • About Health and safety,

  • History in relation to the use of metal detectors,

  • Legislation relation to metal detecting: the Treasure Act: the NCMD and the Code of Conduct:

  • How to getting permission and search agreements,

  • About the Portable antiquities scheme (PAS) and Finds liaison Officer (FLO),

  • The equipment associated with metal detecting,

  • About many well known hoards and other finds,

  • How to setup: test and use a metal detector.

  • How to correctly search: pin-point: extract an item from the ground, and make good.

Most importantly, you will enjoy plenty of metal detecting supervised through so you gain useful skills quickly.

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Christine Trevelyan, David Rees, Dave Whalley, and Nigel Harman featured in the BBC Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip filmed during the hot summer of 2018, and televised in November 2018.

If you would like an opportunity for your school: college or as an individual to undertake the course then please contact us for further information and to be placed on the waiting list.

Some Course feedback for 2019

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